C.A. Jackson - Author

C A Jackson was born in the Southwest and raised in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Jackson completed a Bachelor of Psychology and later a Masters in Social Work.

After many years of working with children and trauma Jackson has taken an extended break to travel and write her first novel. Her first novel Three Knotted Strands is based on a true story from her work with children. Jackson was encouraged to share this inspiring story by many of those involved in these moving events.

She has two grown children and three grandchildren. Jackson currently lives in Western Australia and is working on her second novel.

Three Knotted Strands

A family in Thailand is torn apart by a cruel act of betrayal.

Forged by the bravery of one small boy who speaks out. An unlikely friendship develops between three women – all mothers. In spite of differences in language, spirituality, culture and geography, they connect with a common purpose and strive for the impossible.

A gripping, unexpected and hope-filled tale.Three Knotted Strands will take you on an emotional journey and touch your heart.

From Thailand to Australia and back again…

Cover of Three Knotted Strands by CA Jackson
"I read this incredible story in one sitting! Celebrating the strength, bond and determination of mother’s love, united around the globe, it had me laughing and crying to the end."
back Cover of Three Knotted Strands by CA Jackson